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German-Finnish Pattern-Culture

A pattern is a constant structure that is based on repetitive processes / algorithms. This does not only refer to design but can also describe behavior and traditions. Issue 4 of the fusion magazine investigates the pattern in its pure functionality to give character to a surface with a focus on German and Finnish 'pattern-culture'.

Patterns, structures and ornaments are important components of visual identity. Starting from early textile patterns – sometimes because of technical issues but often to express affiliation – to contemporary corporate identities we see everywhere these days. What about cultural identities in days of computational design and globalization? Can patterns still be used in the same way? German and Finnish patterns are opposed to point out differences and consistency

The 4th issue of the *fusion magazine was developed in coorporation with the HIAP/Cable Factory Helsinki. The workshop took place in Helsinki and in Cologne from Nov. 16th to Nov. 19th. 2006

Pascal GlissmannPascal Glissmann
Martina Höfflin
Marcia Vaitsman

Daniel Brandt
Ira Decker
Matthias Gerding
Thomas Hawranke
Shoji Kato
Lisa Klinkenberg
Michael König
Charlotte Krauss
Marie Muller
Evelina Rajca
Anna Mari Räsänen-Rogers
Markus Renvall
Nicole Wegner
Lisa Wiechert
Cathleen Wolter

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