virulent fusion
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ent + halt (de + hold) <=> auf + enthalt (up + contain) = stay?
While reflecting about "Aufenthalt", time was an important element of our talks: do we constantly stay everywhere? What characterizes an “aufenthalt” then?  Can transition be a state as well?  Our imagination flew to hotels, passing to drive-ins, developing to igloo-hotels until parasites and fantastic forgotten creatures, whorehouses, highway churches, Roman ruins, airports, garbage and clues left behind, zoos etc.
This poster version of  *fusion, a guide-map, is the result of these "flights" with a reductive approach, that leads the viewer to a mental visit to our talks.
Pascal Glissmann
Martina Höfflin
Marcia Vaitsman

Sina Brennecke
Julius Schmiedel

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